You can purchase a fine art photographic print from The Light Series including those shown in the "In This Together" show by the ACLU.

Two of the images in this series are traveling with the ACLU "In This Together" exhibit.

I created the images in this series because I wanted to send a message to the public that people who have disabilities are people first.  Their disability comes second.  Having low expectations and limiting people who are disabled to your beliefs about them is wrong.  Until society begins to respect the disabled for their unique gifts, there will be injustice.

The most recent reports indicate that 1 in 62 children is autistic.  This will become an enormous financial drain on society if they cannot gain meaningful employment.  But employers are still looking on the surface when interviewing potential employees.  Raising awareness is vital at this time.

The photographs in this series were created using a slow shutter speed and colored lights. Each of the abstractions seemed symbolic of one of my beliefs about my journey.  To ensure that the belief was inextricably linked to the image, I wrote the belief directly on the image.  

To view and purchase any of the images in the series, click here.

  Start Somewhere Some Parts of Me Shine Bright

the watermarks do not appear in any prints purchased


Currently working on several series including:


Old Structure Series

The photographs in this series were created in three different states: Sante Fe (New Mexico), St. Augustine (Florida), and Glendale and Phoenix. All of them have depict old, weathered structures that have endured for many years and are still beautiful. The contrast in the textures was my main focus. I also framed the scenes so that the viewer could see what was near and far. They are available for purchase on my Etsy page. Here are a few samples:


So, if you read the about me page, you know that I take photos of little kids with my mom. Check out our website.

And if you read my story, this is the photograph that won my first contest in 2008, the Knight Wolverine Annual Art Award. It is called "Angels of Death." It was also published in Teen Ink magazine (on page 32) and was in the Arizona State Fair.

angels of death photo


Here's a photo I created of London Airspace, a band that worked with the Studio 101 program at the Art Institute one year (which is a really cool program).

London Airspace

These were published in the Mariposa.

Link to the issues: The Raven and Butterfly 2.

the raven the butterfly


These were in art shows at Estrella Mountain Community College. The first is my cousin and the second is one of my dogs, Rocco.